Linda Walker. In-home Breastfeeding Specialist. IBCLC.

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I can’t thank Linda enough for her support and guidance when my children were born. My son arrived 4 weeks early and due to breast surgery, breast feeding proved very difficult. Linda helped me attempt, she didn’t insist but was empathetic, patient and understanding. When I gave birth to twin girls at 36 weeks, Linda was amazing. She taught me techniques in bottle feeding that proved to be so beneficial. I highly recommend Linda’s services, her knowledge of babies was second to none and in particular her ability to provide guidance and support to premature babies is what got me through the first stages of my children’s lives. Thanks Linda.


When I first started breastfeeding my daughter I was unprepared for how hard it would be and how much there was to learn in such a short term. During the days after the birth I was overwhelmed with advice.  My daughter had problems attaching and sucking properly. After a consultation with Linda I was able to breastfeed for a period much longer than expected. Linda’s advice was like gold! I would highly recommend Linda’s services as a breastfeeding consultant. Linda is supportive, gentle and has a wealth of knowledge that I will always be thankful for.

Katherine Mitkovski

Professional Affiliations

Mothercraft Nurse Registration with APHRA


Member of International Lactation Consultants Association


Member of Lactations Consultants of Australia and New Zealand


Journal of Human Lactation - Quarterly reviews

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Linda Walker
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